Most of the people love to ride a bike in their busy lives. Either they are young age people or older people. You can use your road bikes in many ways of life. To enjoy a great bike ride you need some bike accessories like phone mount, storage bag, speedometer, water bottle cages, LED headlights etc. Especially a beautiful phone mount can be an ideal gadget for your bike. You can always connect with the whole world on the way with the help of these kinds of best phone mount for road bikes. Your phone can be used for navigation, ride recording or similar tasks.

Plenty of manufacturers provides these kinds of best phone mount for road bikes. Most of the time we can’t find the best quality phone holder on our bikes. Because lots of phone mounts are available in the market, in a number of different formats. It may take a long time to search for the right and best phone mount for road bikes to go with your bikes. But you can easily find the top quality and best phone mount for road bikes from our expert reviews which can save both your time and money. We have a huge selection reviews of bike phone mount from top brands. All of them are well known for their quality and services. Some of them provide a good quality when some others provide a stylish look.

Best Phone Mount

If you can’t decide which are the best or which you should buy, don’t worry we are here. You will find all the Best Phone Mount for  Road Bikes reviews on our website. Then you may pick the right one for your road bike. You will also get the best reviews of bike accessories at the Here you can find some latest and brand new road bikes also. So, let’s move to the list of the best phone mount for road bikes reviews which are provided by our experts. Hopefully, you will find the best phone mount for road bikes from our expert reviews. Just take a look at which is the best phone handlebar mount for you.

Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

This “Mongoora” bike phone mount is our first recommendation for the road bike lovers. This phone mount is designed to fit all Smart Phones and devices up to 3.7” in width. It will also fit as well as motorcycle and bicycle handlebars of 0.9” to 1.3” diameter. This bike phone holder comes with the clamp’s automatic adjustment system which grips any device perfectly. So that you will have no problems, unlike the low-quality phone mount. It also comes with the 360 degrees rotating options. You can adjust the display to the position which is most convenient for you.

It also gives you the top level security. It is equipped with 3 special durable silicone bands, for the most extreme users of bicycle phone mount. These silicon bands will provide extra protection of the device and your device is 100% secure against accidental loss. Our professional bikers tested this phone holder rigorously in both road and trail riding and have never once dropped the phone. No matter how hard they pushed it. Remember one thing before buying a phone mount. You should beware of low-quality common rubber bands. Only these cell phone bike mount comes with 3 silicone butterfly bands. So you have backup bands if you need them and you can choose colors also.

This bike phone mount’s installation is easy and takes only up to 2 minutes. All tools are included with this package. This item is a great Amazon choice product. If you are not fully satisfied with this product, It gives you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. Because this brand firmly believes in the quality of their product. This rigid bicycle phone mount design with combining highest quality metal and plastic material. So that the highest level of security is ensured with this phone mount.


  • Available at a low price.
  • Including 3 silicon elastic bands for more security.
  • Simple installation.
  • All tools included.
  • Comes with the 360 degrees rotating options.


  • Plastic nut used to tighten around the ball joint.


Bone Universal Bike Stem Mount Phone Holder

Let’s move to our second choice. This Universal Bike Stem Mount Phone Holder comes with Aerodynamic Design. Its Bike Tie Pro will always stay securely on the stem. It doesn’t matter how fast you ride. This phone mount will enhance your cycling experience for an active lifestyle and gives you a professional look. When you go out biking, you can turn your phone into the perfect cycling computer with the help of this phone mount. The Bone bike phone holder is designed to mount your smartphone on the stem.

You don’t need to think about its durability and flexibility. Because it’s extremely durable, dirt resistant and made from one piece silicone material. This soft touch silicone material absorbs bumps and protects your devices from damage. Its elastic silicone bands fit to all the cell phones and cases from 4 to 6 inches. Its sleek design makes it easy to carry in the pockets or bags on the go. It comes with adjustable and quick release mounting strap for bike handlebar and stem, which is more convenient to use. This phone mount is designed to mount your smartphone on bicycle stem in portrait mode.


  • Universal phone holder fits all cell phones.
  • Soft touch silicone material shock protection.
  • Compact design and also lightweight.
  • Bike Tie Pro adds very little wind resistance for better aerodynamic performance.
  • Available in many colors and formats.


  • Designed for only in portrait mode.

Bovon Universal Bicycle Phone Holder

If you are looking for the all in one Bike Phone Mount than we suggest you this option. This is the perfect companion for any bicycle or motorcycle enthusiast. You can use this universal phone holder for calls, music, maps, time, or location. It will never let your phone shake or drop because of its super flexible premium silicone band absorbs all shocks while offering a firm grip. This versatile phone mount works on any kind of bike, motorcycle or scooter handlebar. It will also fit all smartphones with a screen size from 4.5″ to 6.0″.



This phone mount is so simple and easy to install. Just attach or detach easily, exactly as a watch band. Its soft silicone bands will never damage or scratch your expensive smartphone. This sturdy & secure and flexible phone cradle clamp absorbs all shocks. Its open-face delivers complete access to all buttons of your phone. This phone mount comes with 30-days money back guarantee and worry-free 12-month warranty with their friendly customer service. So we can ensure you that this phone mount might be the perfect one for you and also you don’t have to think about its quality.


  • Perfect fit all smartphones with Screen Size.
  • Made of premium silicone.
  • Gives you full access & hands-free.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 12 Month Warranty.
  • Supports easy installation.


  • The strap does not close tight.

visnfa Bike Phone Mount Anti Shake and Stable Cradle Clamp with 360° Rotation

This perfect bike phone mount made with the unique four-corner fixed design. These four corner fixed clamp arms are made of high toughness nylon material. So the phone will be well fixed and drop probability is 0%. It’s very easy to use and no installation tools will be required. You can use it at any angle with its 360° angle adjustable frame. It will securely mount your device to your bike handlebar. This phone mount also includes a one-way ratchet which automatically locks the phone and protects your phone with great reliability.

The handlebar connector is suitable for mounting on different sizes of handlebars. You can adjust the handlebar connector to fit between 22mm and 33mm in diameter. This road bike phone mount is suitable for mobile phones with sizes between 3.5 and 6.5 inches. You can easily adjust the size of the four clip arms with one key release button and just using the one-way gear to fit your phone size. It’s also suitable for mobile phones with a thickness between 6 and 12 mm. Another advantage of this item is if you are not satisfied with this bike phone mount holder, just contact the manufacturer and they will give you a 100% refund, no risk.


  • Convenient tool-free installation.
  • Automatic locking cooperates with one-way prevent back gear.
  • 4 support corners ensure phone stays securely attached throughout bicycle.
  • 360° free rotation.
  • Suitable for almost all phones.


  • No silicon bands are used.

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Using a premium hard plastic clamp and silicone net, this phone mount will securely mount your device to your bike handlebars. The perfect phone mount will adjust to any angle for convenient viewing while riding and your device will be secured safely with six points of grip. The Versatile Roam Co-Pilot Slim is designed to easily fit a wide range of handlebar shapes and sizes. It also fits both large and small phones and securely fit any cell phone up to 3.5 inches wide. This low profile phone mount is truly dependable.

The clamps will not break even after a rough use. Because premium hard plastic is used in these clamps. The durable and strong silicone net can be stretch up to 4x of its size to fit any phone! Our experts confirmed you that your phone will be held securely in place, no matter where you go. This phone mount size is adjustable to fit the handlebar sizes from 7/8” – 1-1/4” in diameter. This item provides you a 100% money back guarantee. So no need to worry about its quality and service.


  • Comes with latest Co-Pilot Slim design.
  • Available in 3 different colors.
  • Easily and securely fit any cell phone up to 3.5 inches wide.
  • Available at a low price than the others.
  • Made with premium hard plastic material and includes a silicone net.


  • Not fit to super sports bikes like crotch rockets.

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli premium bike phone mount holder is truly adjustable to fit any smartphones or media devices. This universal phone mount easily fits motorcycle and bicycle handlebars 0.9″ to 1.3″ diameter and automatically fits any smartphone or device up to 3.7″ wide. It is made with the strong adjustable clamp with a silicone band. This extra secure band grips device firmly and is flexible to hold phones up to 4.5″. You can simply rotate and adjust your device to any angle with its flexible design. Also, you can hold the position that suits your preference with the special ball and socket design.

Your entire phone screen, buttons, and microphone jack can be used while riding because it gives you full phone access. This package contains a total of three different color silicone bands. The available colors are black, red and grey. So that you can choose colors and have backup bands if needed. It comes with simple two minutes installation process. All tools are included with it. The quick release design makes it the easiest bicycle phone holder ever. Hopefully, this road bike phone mount might fulfill all of your demands.


  • Extra secure with a strong adjustable clamp and silicone band.
  • Easily rotate and adjust devices to any angle or position.
  • Automatically fits any smartphone device.
  • Comes in black, red and grey silicone bands for color variation.
  • Easy two-minute installation.


  • No money back guarantee.

Gaciron Universal 2in1 Bike Handlebar

This simple & beautiful design bike phone mount can be installed on a bike handlebar or stem cap mount. As well as this cycling phone mount can be used as a desk phone holder with a coin. It will definitely keep your phone safe and no risk of drop the device. This bike mount holder is made with heavy-duty aluminum alloy metal. And also includes the strong 3M back sticker which can support 40 pounds pulling force. It comes with conveniently install in seconds on the go and also remove in seconds.

With the help of rotatable design, the stem cap bike phone mount holder can be rotated, up & down freely via the pivot. This bike phone mount supports various transport tools just like the bicycle, scooter or motorcycle and fit for all mobile phone with 3 inches or above. It promotes fully adjustable angles portrait or landscape view available and also easy for the video record and GPS instruction. This phone mount provides all the great facilities for you. If you are unsatisfied for any reason just contact the manufacturer for a replacement or a full refund of your entire purchase price.


  • Simple and beautiful design with no button blocked.
  • Reliable and safe for valuable smartphones.
  • Quickly and easily mount and unmounts the phone or a device.
  • Support various transport tools.
  • Provides the facility of replacement or a full refund of your entire purchase price.


  • Price is little high than other brands.
  • No silicon bands for extra safety.

Matone Bike Phone Mount

Our experts found that the super elastic silicone bands of this phone mount can firmly hold all smartphones with screen size from 4.0″ to 6.0″. This is a universal bike mount and all the models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google Pixel etc supported. Some other phone mounts are made of plastic cradle holders which are really clumsy and shaking when this bicycle phone mount is made of premium silicone material which absorbs all shocks. Your phone will be sturdy and secure if you tie your phone firmly to the bike even on a bumpy road.

With its 360 degrees rotatable facility you can freely adjust your phone to any angle that suits your preference with ultimate flexibility. It’s so easy to attach or detach from any size handlebars of the bike with these innovative silicone belts. It will need only 10 seconds. You have to just wrap it around the bar, push it through the mount, secure the belt and you’re ready. This phone mounts soft silicone bands will never scratch or damage your expensive smartphone. Always you should keep it clean and you also can easily wash it when it gets dirty. This product gives you 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and worry-free 12 Month Warranty.


  • Flexible silicone design absorbs all shocks.
  • Compatible with any mobile phone.
  • It won’t obscure camera & buttons.
  • Simple and easy 10-second installation.
  • Provides 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.


  • No cons yet.

Beneland Waterproof Touch Screen Bicycle Handlebar Front Phone Frame Bag Holder

This bike bag is suitable for cell phone below 6 inches. The main benefit of this phone holder is waterproof material. You will not get this kind of advantages from other phone holders. You don’t have to worry about rainy weather. This bike bag is made by PU & PVC material and also includes polyester material double thick inner pads. When you ride on the rough road, it will provide well shack proof for your phone. It has a sensitive touchscreen window so that you can easily hit functions on your phone and see the screen clearly.

Its unique Sun Visor technology on the top helps you to watch the phone screen clearly even under strong sunlight. This phone holder promotes easy installation process. Beneland bike bag includes Velcro strap design for a quick release and installation. You also can easily fix the Velcro strap length depend on your bike. There is a dual zipper pocket in this phone mount which is safer for inside items and convenient to open or close. We found some extra features in this item. In this bag, you can store some small things like cell phones, money, keys, ID cards and power bank etc.


  • Anti-slip leather at the bottom.
  • Made with high-quality PU/PVC/Polyester material.
  • Easily can be fixed with seat posts.
  • Useable as small storage.
  • Waterproof and sun VISOR facility.


  • Sometimes might not recognize the touch.

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder

This bike phone mount is one of the top rated and best quality phone holder of all time. For hard safety and security, its clamp securely locks your phone in place. The clamp fixes itself to the bike handlebar without the need of extra tools or equipment. During the bumpy terrain, its non-slip rubber band fastens around your phone for extra protection. This phone mount has a soft cushioning part which prevents your phone from receiving nicks or scratches. This phone mount is safe and compatible with different sized phones with a width measuring 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches.

Its one click release option enables you to release and unlock your phone in seconds. Screw the flipper to hold firmly and remove the bike phone mount by hand. The 360-degree optimal viewing rotatable holder helps you to find the viewing angle that’s right for you. The rubber bands are available in two different colors. You can choose between an orange or black band to keep your phone secure. Rubber grip cradles secure your device all-around to guard against any accidental falls. You can use this phone holder on bike handlebars ranging from 18 – 40mm (0.71 – 1.57in) in Diameter.


  • Multiple protections with non-slip rubber grip cradles.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Compatible for most devices as wide as 1.97-3.94 inches.
  • Soft cushioning prevents nicks or scratching.
  • 360-degree optimal viewing angle.


  • Provides no money back guarantee.


How Our Experts Choose the Best

You will be glad to know that we have a team of the professional bike rider. All of them are the best cyclist. Firstly we buy all the newest, latest and best phone mount for road bikes. Then our experts tested the durability, compatibility, flexibility, weight, finishing, structure, shape, capacity, manufacturing materials and many more things about these phone holders. They consider every little part of these best quality phone mounts. We have also a team of mountain bikers. They test all of these phone cases on their bikes and then they give us some extra information.

There are so many styles and formats available in best phone mount for road bikes. So that you can easily customize the look of your bicycle. We buy a huge quantity of bike accessories. So that we’re able to offer our customers incredible prices. Our experts always try to suggest you those items which are available at a reasonable price and gives you the product warranty. We also recommend those brands which provide all installation tools at no additional cost. All of the phone mounts that we are discussed are promotes easy installation process.

Our Suggestion

We always suggest you buy a better quality and best phone mount for road bikes. Always try to read the Best Phone Mount for Road Bikes Reviews and choose the durable and elastic silicone band, mounting strap, stable cradle clamp 4 corner or heavy-duty waterproof phone frame bag phone mounts. You should avoid those items which not include some general facilities in their products. You should also consider cheaper options before buying these kinds of bicycle accessories. All the Best Phone Mount for Road Bikes Reviews are the best package for you.

How to Choose the Best Phone Mount for Road Bikes

Lots of manufactures provide various kinds of road bike phone mounts. All of them are not the same and each of them gives you different facilities. When reading this Best Phone Mount for Road Bikes Reviews, the main thing you should consider that, what is your demand when buying a Phone Mount. Only pick those items which can fulfill your demands. The best quality phone mount will increase the performance and speed of your bike and also will help you to lead an adventurous and modern life. These kinds of phone mounts are really good and can be the best choice for you.


Most of the phone mounts are specially designed to fit with all kinds and models of phones or devices. Even, many racing person or professionals use these phone holders in their bikes or motorcycles. You should think about the look and durability before buying these best phone mount for road bikes. Easily you will find the Best Phone Mount for Road Bikes Reviews from our experts. If you want to get more best-quality cycling product reviews, just browse best-selling product reviews to find the best and perfect items for you. We hope you will be able to find the best one easily after reading our expert reviews.

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